Mike Burrows Mike Burrows

Designed by Mike Burrows

In the world of bicycle designers, Mike Burrows is as famous as they come. In velodromes his bikes have won Olympic gold medals, on the road his ideas have been behind designs from the largest manufacturers in the bicycle business. Constantly innovating, Burrows first created 8Freight in a workshop in Norfolk, Britain. The bike is his answer to the universal question of how to take what we need, and get it where we need it.

Technical Specifications

There are no accidents in the 8Freight design, everything appears as it is for a reason. We know that not everybody is interested in technical details, so here’s what those details mean for you.

MonoBlade Forks

Allows you to fix punctures without removing the wheel, especially useful when carrying heavy loads.

Stable Wheelbase

The two meter wheelbase means that when the road gets uneven, the front wheel will have time to stabilise by the time the back wheel hits the disturbance. This creates a relaxed, comfortable ride.

Light Weight

The 8Freight weighs in at 20 kilograms, not much more than a standard bicycle, so that you only have to pedal around with the weight of your cargo, and not the weight of your bicycle too. This makes 8Freight a fast, efficient ride.

Front Fork Assembly
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Easy assembly for you or easy assembly by the crew and cycled to you


20 inch wheels

Small wheels are stronger than big wheels. They also take less energy to start rolling, meaning that the 8Freight pulls away comfortably even under heavy loads.

7000-Series Aluminium

The strongest commercially-available aluminium alloy, so that your 20 kilogram bike can regularly shift 50 kilograms of weight, with a maximum capacity of 100 kilograms.

Narrow Width

Width is only 60cm so that you can cut through traffic as if you were on a standard bicycle.