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To buy or test ride an 8 Freight please contact any of the Bike Shops around the UK CLICK HERE 

New for 2016 is a range of UK Designed and Made specialist Cargo Box options


8 Freight Cargo Bike Strong Box                       Strong Box

This 'flight case' as very tough, double skin composite construction for Formula 1 Teams etc. Item in stock is without any internal padding but there are internal foam options (for cameras or other sensitive equipment) if required.

(Lockable. Dims-cm; 53x Height. 54x Width/ 710x Length  and Weight 13kg)

8 Freight Cargo Bike Wicker Box                        Wicker Basket

Variety of styles possible for bakery, florist or family requirements. However, standard design in stock is as pictured.

Hand made in UK by

8 Freight Cargo Bike Boxes                         Business Special 

Our largest box is made from tough fibreglass so it is still very light. 'Business Special' design has been in use over many years. Ideal profile for high profile advertising on either side.

(Hand Made in UK. Lockable. Weight 14kg)

 8 freight cargo bike box                           Shower Cap

'Shower Cap' fits snugly on top of the 8 Freights secure cargo area to keep your cargo dry.

(Hand Made in UK. Weight; 3kg)

Dont Forget; All the cargo options are UK Designed and Made so availability is dependent on our experts working hard. Just let the 8 Freight stockist closest to you know and we will all do our best !

Colour choices; for all cargo options (except the wicker basket!) red, yellow and dark blue are the standard colour options but let us know what you need!

We can also supply all of Mike Burrow's classic books on the subject covering his award winning designs and more;

8 Freight Cargo Bike Designer Book