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Borrowing, not buying, a car to supplement 8Freight life!

By: Imogen Church - April 21, 2017

Welcome again to the one and only guest blogger... MY HUSBAND STEPHEN!!!! Here he chats a bit about ... read more

Cycling in Style!

By: Imogen Church - March 7, 2017

Style BlogEveryone knows that the best outfit to cycle in is NO OUTFIT, but, for legal reasons I c ... read more

Maintenance, Quirks and Dogging*

By: Imogen Church - January 23, 2017

Maintenance, Quirks and Dogging*Now that we are a few months into our 8Freight adventure, I thought ... read more


By: Imogen Church - December 2, 2016

The Sweat BlogI’m going to address the oft unspoken issue of sweat; sweat as a barrier to cycl ... read more

Attention Grabbing!!!!

By: Imogen Church - December 2, 2016

The wife is away working tlots at the moment and so I am in charge of the blog post and in the ... read more

FOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! (and lots of it)

By: Imogen Church - October 31, 2016

The Shopping Blog…This blog is mostly about FOOD and the purchasing of it. And FOOD. And the ... read more

Smooth baby, reeeeeeal smoooooth…

By: Imogen Church - September 22, 2016

Hello beautiful 8Freight bicycle! You belong to us now and we will care for you but also work y ... read more


By: Imogen Church - September 15, 2016

Hello! Welcome to my blog about my shiny new 8Freight Cargo Bike and how I manage family life w ... read more